Tuesday, April 7, 2015

FiTMeal is a whole new nutrition, convenient & tasty meal replacement, it is targeted to those with busy lifestyle & people who want to have a better looking body shape, FiTMeal is designed to help you achieve the purpose of CUT, TONE & BUILD. FiTMeal is produced using natural ingredient, every sachet of FiTMeal contains 198 of calories & 20 grams of protein, it also contain Chia Seed which can replenish Omega 3 needed by human body, therefore it is definitely your 1st choice for a healthy body.

 Functions: Natural Satiety & Helps to Manage Appetite. Contains 20 Grams Of Protein. Helps To Repair & Maintain Body Tissues. Contains 18 Types Of Essential Vitamins & Minerals. Helps To lower down Cholesterol level.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

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Saturday, May 15, 2010


PHHP PHYTO OPHIRA COLLAGEN (7 gram x 30 sachets)
West Malaysia (WM): RM160
East Malaysia (EM): RM169
Singapore : SGD69

High in Vitamin C and Vitamin A."

"This product contains no preservatives and colorings. Slight variation in product appearance may occur due to the properties of natural ingredients. "

The benefits of the PHHP Ophira Collagen are as follows:

• Skin care benefits include diminishing wrinkles and eye-bags, skin becomes radiant and fairer, dark pots fade and become lighter.
• Strengthens nails and makes hair glossy.
• Improves muscle joint conditions.
• Tones women users’ breasts and improve suppleness.
• Increases suppleness of muscles and improves sagging.

Content: 30 Sachets X 7gm

Recommend Consumption: Briskly mix 2 sachets of collagen with 100ml of cold water. Recommend to be taken night time before sleep.


PHHP PHYTO GREEN (6 gram x 15 sachets)- Excludes postage
West Malaysia (WM): RM110
East Malaysia (EM): RM115
Singapore : SGD50

Trial Pack : 3 sachets + 1 shaker
West Malaysia (WM): RM26
East Malaysia (EM): RM28
Singapore : SGD15

Product content
The PHHP Phyto Greens, because of the 12 exclusive and valuable ingredients, gives you a complete and balanced nutrition to POWER UP YOUR NATURAL DEFENSE. They are as follows.

* Chlorella is rich in chlorophyII.
* Spirulina is rich in protein.
* Dunaliella Saline Algae is rich in β-carotene.
* Kelp is rich in iodine.
* Alfalfa is rich in minerals.
* Barley Grass is rich in vitamins.
* Wheat Grass is rich in enzymes.
* Chicory Root (Inulin) contains abundant nutrients for beneficial bacteria.
* Green Tea is rich in catechins.
* Brown Rice Bran is rich in fiber.
* Apple Fiber is rich in fiber.
* Soy Lecithin is rich in choline.

Healthy Cell = Healthy Body

Human body is made up of 70 trillion cells. The cells' function normally proceed with effective metabolism, and progress with the production and circulation of blood for maintaining optimal immune system of our body. In other words, health capability of the immune system shows how strong our body can protect itself from being attacked by various bacteria.

Healthy body depends on healthy cells. And healthy cells rely upon three essential elements. Shortfall of any one of the 3 essential elements will affect the normal metabolism of cells, and the abnormal metabolism of cells will result in modern diseases.

Healthcare professionals have proven that the cause of modern diseases is considerably related to our poor dietary habits. In other words, the cells have not been provided with sufficient essential nutrients. Therefore, the key to achieve good health would be a balanced nutrition.
Balanced nutrition
To keep our body healthy, we require:

46 types of essential nutrients included.

The Foods That Contain Higher Value of Nutrients
According to health professionals, frequent consumption of fruits, vegetables, grains and plant products is a good sign of healthier diet, particularly the natural green foods. The natural green foods help balance the body with hyper-acidity and strengthen our immune system. Examples of the natural green foods are Chlorella, Spirulina, Dunaliella Saline Algae, Kelp, Alfalfa, Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Wheat Grass, Brown Rice Bran, Apply Fiber, Green Tea, Soy Lecithin, Chicory Root (Inulin) and etc. When they are absorbed in a diet everyday, our body cells will benefit by gaining a balanced nutrition.

FAQ for Phyto Greens

1. What are the major ingredients of Phyto Greens?
There are Chlorella, Spirulina, Dunaliella Salina Algae, Kelp, Alfalfa, Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Chicory Root, Green Tea , Brown Rice Bran, Apple Fiber and Lecithin.

2. What nutrients are found in Phyto Greens?
Most notable are Chlorophyll, Protein, b-carotene, Minerals, Vitamins B1 & E, Fiber and Choline which provides balance and sufficient nutrients required by the immune system and also provides better immune system protection to human.

3. What is the best way to take Phyto Greens?
Phyto Greens is best taken on an empty stomach, either 20 minutes before a meal or 2 hours after so that the food does not interfere with the digestion and absorption of Phyto Greens's nutrients. It is also best to mix Phyto Greens with either cold or room temperature liquids, as hot liquids will destroy the active enzymes.

4. Who is suitable for Phyto Greens?
Phyto Greens is a food supplement and is suitable for everyone, regardless sex and age, including baby and pregnant woman. People with severe medical problems or complications should consult a health practitioner when introducing something new to the body.


PHHP PHYTO ALOE VERA JUICE (1000ml)- Excludes postage
West Malaysia (WM): RM87
East Malaysia (EM): RM93
Singapore : SGD33

"Contains protein, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, which help facilitate metabolism. "

"It is a healthy drink that can help to reduce inflammation and good for digestive system. "

"Its nutrient can improve immune system. "

Content: 1000ml

Storage: Refrigerate after opening


Trial Pack : 3 sachets + 1 shaker
West Malaysia (WM): RM20
East Malaysia (EM): RM22
Singapore : SGD11


Phyto Fiber is a mixture of dietary fiber from fruits and plants which is blended scientifically and to be consumed as a juice drink. It is an effective colon cleanser and a good choice for weight control.

About The Product
It is a unique health drink developed to give the best result to help maintain good hygiene of gastro intestinal tract using natural resources.
High fiber content foods are an effective colon cleanser and also a safe way to help reduce body weight. A rich amount of fiber is capable of effectively breaking down and eliminating excessive fats in the body, increasing metabolic rates, and getting rid of flabbiness.

Fruit and Vegetable Sources: Bean, Barley, Roselle, Hawthorn Berry, Psyllium Husk, Oats, Brown Rice, wheat husk, seed and whole grain which is the source for mucilage, pectin, cellulose, lignin and some hemicelluloses. Net Weight for 1 sachet is 20gm

Recommended Consumption
First, fill shaker bottle with 200-250ml of cold or icy water. Next,
mix one sachet of Phyto Fiber into the shaker. The product may also be consumed with any mixed fruit juice. Shake the container well for about 30seconds to 1 minute and it will be ready by then. Advisable time to consume is during daytime.

Improves normal function of the intestine, piles and appendicitis. Improves peristaltic movement of the intestine, increases the speed of stool elimination, so as the toxin elimination. Besides that, it can also help to lower the absorption of sugar and to control blood sugar.
Helps to control body weight because it will bulk up when mixed with water and provides a sense of fullness, without increasing the calories content in food. Its gummy substance can lubricate the intestine to help the stool elimination and at the same time it can help to eliminate the coprostasis and waste in the intestine. Medical report had also pointed out that it could help to lower the blood cholesterol and sugar absorption.

PHHP PHYTO FIBER (20 gram x 15 sachets)- Excludes postage
West Malaysia (WM): RM85
East Malaysia (EM): RM90
Singapore : SGD35

Trial Pack : 3 sachets + 1 shaker
West Malaysia (WM): RM20
East Malaysia (EM): RM22
Singapore : SGD11